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  • What it is...
    brickRC is a simple Gnome application to remotely control the LEGO Mindstorms RCX brick. Lego provides a similar application as part of it's Windows development environment. But this only works with Windows and doesn't support brickOS and Linux which is my development environment.

    I wanted to get some practice and understand LNP (LegOS Network Protocol) and thought a little app like this would get me started and may usefull to other people as well.

    brickRC allows you to control the three motor ports of the RCX and at the same time monitor the three seonsor inputs. Currently only touch, light (active) and rotation sensors are supported. I definetly want to support Mindsensors input mutliplexer as well. If you have other sensor you want to see supported, you either have to do it yourself, or give one of those sensors to me...

    Check the screenshot to see how it looks like.

  • What you need...
    First you need brickOS. Follow the link to get it if you don't use it already and follow the instructions there to install it. I use brickos-, don't know how it works with older versions, if at all.

    Next you need the LNP package. You can get it here. Note that you have to patch it to make it work with the current brickOS version. This mail explains what need to be done.

  • How you build it...
    Get the latest tar file from the download area and do the usual configure/make thing:
    make install
    This should install the Gnome part into your system. Note that lnp.h and need to be in some place where your toolchain can find them. configure takes the usual arguments.

    Next copy the contents of the directory rcx into your brickOS environment, build the RCX application and load it onto your brick.

    Now power up lnpd, start the app on your RCX and call brickrc on your desktop.

    You should be all set. If there is any trouble or if you know how this can be made easier, please let me know.

  • What needs to be done...
    Well, the usual stuff. Better docs (a README...?!), a nicer Web site, some code cleanup on the RCX side, nicer graphics for the desktop app, a setup dialog to allow to connect to remote LNPds, an option to use the light sensor in passive mode, more sensors in general, you name it. If you want to help, please send mail. Either with ideas, or even better with patches.... :)

  • Who to blame...
    If you can't get it to work, if you have ideas on how to improve it or if you just wanna tell me how much you love it, send email to I'll try to stay on top of things, fix bugs and improve brickRC as much as I can. But as I have a daytime job as well, I can't promise too much. Ich you want to know more about me, check my home page.
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